Pax Christi Memphis welcomes all who desire to bring forth peace through nonviolence. Membership dues fund Pax Christi Memphis' communications, programs, and events. Meetings are open to members and non-members.

Annual dues for Pax Christi Memphis:

Individual $15.00

Family $20.00

Limited income $5.00

Membership Form
street address:                                                                                                          
city, state, zip                                                                                                            

membership category:                                                                                               :
amount enclosed:                                                                                                       

Please print out form, fill in the blanks, enclose with check made out to

Pax Christi Memphis
and mail to: Pax Christi Memphis
4043 Allison Ave.
Memphis, TN 38122

Thank you for your support.

For hatred does not cease by hatred at any time: hatred ceases by love. This is an unalterable law. -- The Dhammapada